Kingroll Jr/Cookies x Banana Sherbert/3g


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Banana Sherbet is a potent hybrid thought by online sources to be a combination of Sunset Sherbet and the very popular Banana Kush. Online consumers cherish Banana Sherbet for its namesake tropical fruit flavor and its higher levels of potency which average between 20-23% THC. 20 – 23% THCIntroducing Kingroll Juniors, your new favorite multipack. Every box of Juniors contains 4 individual .75 gram kief coated pre-rolls, infused with Kingpen’s award-winning cannabis oil and combined with high-quality flower. Great for multiple clean, slow burning seshes. WHY IT HITS DIFFERENT. Kingpen Oil – Kingrolls are infused with Kingpen’s award-winning oil in strains you know and love. Kief-Coated – Golden kief, sourced from premium flower, for an added punch of cannabinoids and natural terpenes Natural Rolling Paper – Super thin, unbleached paper with the highest quality-control standards, so you only taste the terps, not the paper. Premium Flower – High quality, single strain, never shake.

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